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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Plants, Biocommunication & Creation

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You may be old enough to recall the incredible information that came out in the early 70's - a marvellous book by Cleve Backster called The Secret Life of Plants. The author recounted a story of his research with polygraph testing on humans, and decided to "hook" a plant in his laboratory up to the polygraph. He tried to test the plant's reaction to a number of activities, and eventually decided - while he was quite a distance from the plant - that he would burn the leaf, and in the exact moment the thought entered his head, "the recording pen jumped to the top of the chart". The plant had reacted to his thought.

This gave way to many more experiments that were replicated in numerous situations, and eventually published by Backster in a peer-reviewed journal, as well as in his book Primary Perception: Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods, and Human Cells.

This in turn gave rise to the field of biocommunication, the "general field of study of communication between different biological life forms, mostly in nature, sometimes in the laboratory. It involves the use of instrumentation to observe reactive events occurring in all kinds of life - animal, plat, cellular, microscopic, and so on - and includes observational biology, high-quality observational studies, and study of the effect of human thought and intention on life forms in the environment." Source. On that page, see the article (downloadable as a pdf document) Exploring a Sentient World.

Just as my post of several days ago about Bruce Lipton and The Wisdom of the Cells, today's post intends to bring you closer to very new information that is subtly altering our conception of the universe and our participation in it. If our thoughts can affect the leaf of a plant, and our belief systems can affect our biology, then it is clear, that an energy field surrounds all of us - indeed, everything - and yet we live and behave as though this were not so. Our paradigms are changing, and there is little more exciting than to recognize this as it is happening, and I encourage you to look into this information closely, not only to "be informed", but to make use of it to enhance your life and that of those who surround you.


  1. Great yes, I have believed this for a while now too, and studies like this one give us all support. Now the next step is figuring how to use this.... Btw, did you see that Petra is now officially one of the new 7 world wonders? :)

  2. Petra...yes indeed! One of the 7 wonders of the world...and coincidentally one of my sons is just there right now visiting!

    Your other point, about figuring out how to use all this - my take on it is that it has a lot to do with our feeling state, so the first step might be to become conscious of ourselves to the point that we use our feelings at every moment to recognize where we need to adjust, in order to stay at a higher level of energetic vibration or frequency. Keeping ourselves there as much as possible, by this consistent adjustment brought about by consistent self-awareness, would therefore literally mean that what we attract comes from a higher frequency...it's such a fascinating topic.

    I'm running a workshop on this tomorrow.

  3. Would love to attend! Hmm, pity, for this time. The question I ask myself is to what extend do we create our own reality. Because I can't believe we create it "all", but in accepting the nature of things, and adapting, we can create a more complete sense of harmony, and that feels energizing.

    Do you have a list of the workshops you'll be giving over the coming months?

    Cheers, Dylan

  4. If we don't create it all, where does one draw the line regarding which part we create and which part we don't?

    I was very interested to read some time back that when quantum physicists first realized that there is a field of energy that is subjacent to everything, and that everything is connected (we are all one), and that this field of energy changes according to the observer, they decided this was too "weird" to bring to the world, and that they would apply this knowledge to sub-atomic molecules, but continue to apply Newtonian physics to the rest of existence (matter is all that matters...).

    Re the workshops, would you like to receive the newsletter? Please send me an email privately or sign up on the website, and you will be kept informed about the latest workshops.