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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Keeping Your Energy High (2)

Brazzaville, Congo
Continuing on with the same motif as I expressed in an earlier post Keep Energy High! Watch How You Feed Your Brain, Heart and Spirit, I'd like to encourage you to continually be aware of what you are feeding yourself with. It is the content and the energy of what you read and listen to, that determines where your own energetic frequency lies.
In that earlier post I commented that it's a good idea to make a habit of listening to CD's in your car as you drive to and from work, a drive many of us do alone, and at best we tend to listen to music or the news, or perhaps an audio book, and at worst we basically just waste that precious time, impatiently wishing we had already arrived at our destination.
Another great moment in our day for listening of this type may be as you shave or put on your make-up.

I realized however, that it is not always easy to get good CD's to listen to, especially for people who live in countries outside of the the USA, UK, and Canada.

That's why today, I want to take your attention to four websites I frequently use to get the latest information available about a great many subjects on the edge of discovery, enlightenment, and understanding.

1) A website I recently found (and have added as a link to my link list - on the right side-bar of this blog), called What is Enlightenment?. Downloadable audio programs with progressive thinkers and leaders abound on this website, and they let you download as much as you want for the first two weeks, after which time you will need to become a member. Because their material is downloadable, you can get it into your iPod, or burn it on to a CD and later listen to it in your car. (If you don't have MP3 capacity in your car, you will first need to convert your clip to audio, so that it can be played in your car. You can do this with iTunes).

2) Ken Wilber's The Integral Institute offers Integral Naked on the website, a membership site that is a "multimedia gateway into the world of Integral consciousness. It features weekly audio and video by leading-edge teachers, artists, and visionaries. Often moderated by Ken Wilber, the most influential Integral theorist of our times, these discussions span a wide range of topics, including spirituality, sexuality, psychology, ecology, art, business, and politics. Through these many topics runs a single thread: a focused determination to connect the fragments of the postmodern world into a unifying view of reality and life, interiorly and exteriorly, individually and collectively.

Guests on Integral Naked include: Warren Bennis, Andrew Cohen, Billy Corgan, Michael Crichton, David Deida, Genpo Roshi, Alex Grey, Father Thomas Keating, Robert Kegan, Sally Kempton (Swami Durgananda), Eddie Kowalczyk, Elizabeth Lesser, Carolyn Myss, Julia Ormond, Tony Robbins, Rick Rubin, Marilyn Schlitz, Serj Tankian, Frances Vaughan, Larry Wachowski, and Saul Williams." (source: the site). A free trial membership is for one month.

3) Another website that offers a lot of punch for your money is Coast to Coast am with a wide variety of daily interviews and programs that you may download and burn for easy listening in your car.

4) A website I have mentioned on this blog in the past for cutting-edge downloads is Skeptiko , which is well worth a visit for their downloads of speakers and thinkers.

While all but the last of these four websites come at a low monthly membership fee, and therefore are not free, I nevertheless recommend them all for several reasons:

  • I'd like to encourage you to use your off time to nurture your mind and spirit
  • where else can you get cutting-edge, last minute speakers into your car stereo system at such a low price, and with such speed after the actual talk or interview has taken place
  • where else can you get such a variety of topics and speakers?
  • last but not least, aren't you, your mind, and your spirit worth it?

I would appreciate hearing from readers who have their own favorite sites that offer the type of information I refer to herein, and that is either free or comes at a very low cost and is downloadable to iPod and/or MP3 and audio.


  1. All of the following are web sites that offer free audio downloads of what I consider to be "good for the heart" material.
    * The Meditation Society of Australia (tons of guided meditations, music, spoken word, etc.)
    * Zaadz (see podcasts at bottom of home page)
    * Learn Out Loud (wow!)
    * LibriVox (classic literature in alphabetical order, not by category. Tolstoy, Emerson, etc.)

  2. Thanks for your comment, Joshua...great information. Gabriella