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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dream Symbols 9: The House Part 4: The Bedroom

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Apart from the book on symbolism mentioned in a previous post, there are two gems I particularly enjoy and refer to again and again:

Jungian Dream Interpretation: A Handbook of Theory and Practice by James A. Hall. MD

Symbols of Transformation in Dreams by Jean Dalby Clift and Wallace B. Clift.

A dream bedroom may refer to those typical activities that take place in this room: sleeping, resting, sex, relaxation, quietness, sickness, dreaming, etc.

Dreaming about the bedroom may symbolize that something intimate in the life of the dreamer is coming to light in the dreamer's psyche. Because the bedroom refers to that most intimate sphere of one's life, that one generally only shares with someone with whom one is very close, someone whom one loves - or hates - the dream bedroom may be pointing its finger at something that is in difficulty in this most intimate relationship.

If the dream bedroom is that of one's parents rather than one's own, although the dreamer is the one who now inhabits this room from the past, then it may be that the intimate part of the dreamer's life that is coming to light refers to something that is derived from the parental relationship.

The bed in the dream bedroom is also of importance. It brings to mind the phrase as you make your bed, so you must lie in it. In beds one is generally at peace, no one can make demands of one, but if the bed in the dream bedroom is too large for the room, or takes up too much space, or is of a frightening color, or is somehow menacing, it may be symbolic of the fact that the dreamer spends too much of his or her waking life thinking about or engaging in bedroom activities, or that there is some kind of difficulty in the sexual arena.

If the dreamer is very aware of the decoration or other architectural details of the bedroom, then this becomes important. Perhaps these are very pleasing, or ugly, or menacing, or seductive. Again, in that case, whatever the decor represents is symbolic of something related to the dreamer's waking life activities that would take place in the bedroom.

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