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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It’s Not Necessarily a Question of a Lot of Hard Work…

El Mago (The Wizard), Uxmal (Yucatan Peninsula), Mexico Photo Credit
It seems that a lot of my posts imply that in order to get anywhere with personal growth and inner growth, in order to achieve freedom, a lot of hard work is necessary, and that gives an impression that is not exactly right. (On a related topic, see also my November 2006 Newsletter: The Puritan Work Ethic, Wu-Wei, and Is Life Really Meant to be a Struggle?).

Not so.

Change does not have to be difficult. Change does not need to imply hard work.

Change can be achieved by taking the decision to think differently, to go down new paths, and above all, to always choose to keep your energy barometer in a good place (See also The Energy Barometer, Make Your Mind Body Connection Work For You.). Too keep your inner frequency in a place where you will automatically want to continue making choices that keep you growing towards your own inner freedom.

You see, it’s like a loop. Like the proverbial rat’s race, except in this case it has nothing to do with rats or with a race, but with your own direct road to a much better life, that leads you, if you stay in the place of high inner frequency or energetic vibration, you will repeatedly want to continue to making choices that lead you further and further up. This means that the better you feel, the harder it is for you to make negative choices, and hence, the easier it is for you to continue with personal growth. So it’s not all hard work, it’s not all difficult. (See also Entering the Now Moment by Leaving Unawareness Behind).

The loop will keep you going in the right direction. Here’s the process:

1) pay attention to your emotions
2) correct them when you notice you are slipping to a lower level
3) as you continue to remain on a higher energetic level, notice how you choose each time a potentially problematic situation enters your life
4) as you choose an alternative that will support your continuing at the higher energetic frequency, notice how easy it is
5) this is the loop

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