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Monday, June 18, 2007

Don’t Let Anyone Talk You Out of Your Dream!

Big Sur Bridge, California. Photo Credit

Did you have a dream when you were a kid? You wanted to be a rock star? A painter? A sailboat owner living in the Caribbean who rented out the boat to tourists? Be the proprietor of your own company? Invent a new way to floss so that there would never be any more periodontal disease? Discover the cure for cancer? Write a bestseller that is made into a box office success that wins five Oscars? Be the next Larry King? Coach a football team? Teach at Harvard? Build your own cabin up at the lake? Design costumes for the theatre?

Did you get there?

Or did you get talked out of it?

OK, maybe you were tone deaf, so being a rock star would not have been viable. Or maybe you were color blind, so becoming a painter wouldn’t have made a lot of sense.

But what happened? Did somebody tell you couldn’t do it? That it was too hard? That it was impossible? That you had to be more sensible? That it wasn’t the right thing to do?

How did you feel when you gave it up? For that matter, how did you feel while it was still part of your dream? (Also see my June 2006 Newsletter: Finding a Meaning For Your Life). Did the mere thought of whatever it was that your dream consisted of, make your solar plexus feel full of pleasurable, exciting butterflies? And did the giving up of your dream make life seem a bit more gray, a bit less filled with possibilities? Did it suddenly make your future appear less thrilling?

Your dreams are connected to the purpose you have in this life that gives it meaning for you, and that makes life worth living. Certainly there are other important elements that make life worth living as well, but your dream is a major part of it. That’s why you can’t let anyone talk you out of it. That’s why, if you did let them talk you out it, even if it was 50 years ago, you need to re-capture it, and go after it again. It’s never too late. Never.

(Also see my radio show Life Begins at Retirement under the "Aging" Section).

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