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Friday, May 18, 2007

Love is Love

The death of a pet can be as devastating as the death of a beloved human being. I know that for many to express such a sentiment can sound sacrilegious. How can we compare a human being…a parent, a child, a partner or spouse, a sibling with a mere animal?

You know how?

Because love is love. The quality of the feeling is the same.

That doesn’t mean that if you had to choose between a human being and the animal…you are in the middle of a hurricane and can only save one…well, let’s assume you would choose the human being. But the feelings that one has inside for the pet are composed of loving feelings.

And love is love.

How does this love vary from other types of love? In what way is it different? Here’s one: we tend to be less critical, less judgmental, more accepting, more unconditional with our pets. And look how they love us: it matters not if we just woke up with our hair wild in our face, unshaven, no make up, and bleary-eyed, or whether we have just come home after spending hours out; they are ok with any TV program we decide on, and they love us whether we earn a pittance or have a yacht berthed at the marina.

Love is love. When we lose them, we miss them, our pain is immeasurable. And when we love them, our joy is also immeasurable.

Love is love. Cherish it…in whatever form it shows up in your life.

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