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Monday, May 7, 2007

Europe and Africa: Quantum Physics and Intertwined Molecules

Morocco (Africa) as seen from Tarifa in Spain. Photos by WD
Hard to imagine that we are so close to one another. Look closely at these photographs. They were taken from the town of Tarifa in southern Spain, looking across towards Tangiers in Africa, on the other shore.

Take in the Atlas mountains on the African side and realize just how close such two enormous continents lie to one another.

We in the Northern Hemisphere, like to think of ourselves as the developed, First World, and often refer to many countries in Africa as being members of the Third World, or as part of the underdeveloped countries.

And of course, it's true that our GNP and the level of our economy in this so-called First World is much higher than many of those African nations.

We don't think of ourselves as neighbours in the true sense of the word, despite our geographical proximity, because of the enormous disparity in our earning power.

Does the Wall Street executive in his Armani suit and shiny John Lobb's, really think that the guy who's selling pretzels out of the cart could be his neighbour in the metaphysical sense of the word?

Does the Parisian hostess driving her Mercedes to the Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré for some light shopping at Louis Vuitton consider that the nanny taking her young charges to the park could be her neighbour in the metaphysical sense of the word?

And just because they do not, does this make them villains? Of course not.

But today, and the vision of these two vast continents in photos taken during my visit there yesterday, cause me to consider these questions, and ask myself: should we not always consider this proximity of ours with all our neighbours? With all those people who surround us? Is it not true that we are all one - as unimaginable (and unappetizing) as this may - at first glance - appear to many of us? Mother Theresa certainly had no problem with this.

And you know, recent findings in quantum physics give us the answer to this dilemma once again. We (human beings) are all physically connected. The molecules in each of our bodies are intertwined with the molecules of the bodies of all the rest of us. Energy is all inter-related. Armani suit and pretzel vendor; Parisian hostess and lowly nanny; Europe and Africa...check out Lynne McTaggart's The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World, or Gregg Braden's The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief.

So what's it all boil down to?

So simple really...we are all neighbours. Truly.

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