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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Conscious Healing

Xcaret (Cancun), Mexico. Photo by IAC
The diagnosis of a potentially life-threatening illness is possibly one of the scariest things that can happen to a human being. When you first hear (or read) it, you may feel yourself suffused with panic. Conversely, logic and reason may take over, you remove yourself from your feelings and look at the whole thing logically, analyzing the best steps to take, educating yourself about the chances this or that treatment will give you, and thus deal with it that way.

Let’s look more closely at the panic feelings: if you let them take you over, you are evidently not helping yourself. You may give in to them for a period of time, but at some point, something else happens. Depending on other factors, on decisions you and your doctors take regarding treatment, your social support network, possibly even aspects such as your financial situation and the extent of your health coverage, you may now take one of several paths. You may become more and more depressed or despondent. You may lean heavily on your social support network for courage. You may spend major portions of your time discussing your condition with anyone who listens, essentially increasing the negative feelings you have about your situation, frequently creating a greater level of fear in yourself, despite well-meaning comments from family and friends. You may work alongside your medical team to do the utmost to get better. You may become very proactive about your process.

So here’s where conscious healing comes into the process. Conscious healing speaks to the fact that you decide to take your healing into your own hands. Obviously if you need surgery or other forms of treatment, you can’t do that yourself, but taking your healing into your own hands means that in many ways you recognize that your self-awareness of your states of mind and above all, your feelings, at all times during the process of your illness will make a potentially immeasurable difference to the outcome.

And so you take measures to bring yourself to an inner place – whether by meditation, prayer, visualization, yoga, relaxation techniques, support groups, bodywork, putting attention on how you feed – not only your body, but also your heart and spirit (see also my April 2007 post about this topic), among many others too numerous to mention. You put energy into keeping your energetic vibration high, because you realize – in this state of self-awareness – that the higher your energetic vibration is, the harder it is for negativity to find a place in you. And so you become conscious of yourself in the healing process, conscious of your own highly important role in it, and conscious of the fact that your energy – on all levels – dictates so much else in you.

See also Getting Well Again, a bestselling classic about healing.

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