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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Blogging as a Quest For Inner Freedom

Publishing and writing a blog was not a sudden decision, but came after some hesitation, thought, encouragement from others, and finally conviction that it is the way to go! There is so much to be said about the process of achieving inner freedom, and there are such masses of us on this quest, that a blog about the subject doesn’t seem to be amiss.

Let me start this particular blog by encouraging you all to become aware of yourselves not only as human beings, but also as beings who vibrate to an inner purpose or mission, whatever that may be, and who, if that inner purpose or mission is not found, may realize that finding true joy in life becomes very difficult.

Wow! True joy…that is actually a biggie. We’re raised believing that others owe us joy and happiness…until we figure out that if it’s ever going to come from anywhere, it will have to come from inside, unless we want to live in a state of eternal external dependence. But for it to come from inside, that inside part first has to get worked on…cleaned out…polished…and so on. Doing that actually means working on everyday stuff. It’s not a case of high spiritual work, but of the actual day-by-day things: impatience, communication, anger, loving, giving, receiving, forgiving, opening up, listening, compassion, and so on.

I guess we often think that in order to grow, and in order to become more free, whatever it is we do has to have this high spiritual tone. Not so…in my book…the high spiritual tone is actually set by working on these commonplace everyday things in our lives. That is where we can bring about the true inner change.


  1. Very intersting idea, this of you starting a blog. I must say it looks and reads very nice.Love it!

  2. Blogging is a wonderful release of emotions and I find that it really helps me to sort out my feelings, needs, wants and desires. The problem that I have found is that my husband is a snoop and uses whatever I write against me in future arguments. Since my writing is highly intimate and the content is not always about positive thoughts, he likes to portray me as some sort of psycho instead of looking as this as a form of psychotherapy in which I find a release of my emotions. My husband is not very verbal and chooses to drink to release his feelings. I think blogging / writing is indeed a much healthier outlet. So, moral of the story, if you choose to blog, keep it anonymous or hidden as your deepest secret to avoid those who could never understand why you write the things you do.