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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Lighten Your Spirit and Raise Your Energy Too!

Continuing with the rainy day theme, I'd like to underline how incredibly effective music can be for raising your energy and making you feel lighter.

Music has almost magical qualities. If you choose your music carefully, and you choose music that carries no nostalgic connotations for you, then by merely listening to the pieces that make you feel good, your energetic vibration can rise dramatically.

For those of you who know about kinesiology (muscle testing), you will know that some types of music lower your vibration, and even leave you feeling weak. David Hawkins, psychiatrist, and author of Power vs Force among a number of excellent books, shows this on one of his fascinating videos in a demonstration of muscle testing of a person listening to different types of music.

But what I'd like to encourage you to do is to listen carefully over the next few weeks, as you hear music, particularly music that you do not connect to a specific person in your life, or to a specific event. Sometimes you will hear a piece that literally lifts you off your feet, or brings tears of joy to your eyes. Start collecting these pieces. Make a CD of only these songs, and use this CD to raise your energy whenever you feel low.

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