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Monday, April 2, 2007

Keep Energy High! Watch How You Feed Your Brain, Heart & Spirit

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Feed the brain?

Of course! Just as we feed our bodies, hopefully with more healthy than junk food, so it is also very important how we feed our brain, heart, and spirit. What we read, or what we watch on TV, discuss with our friends, even the kind of friends we spend our time with, all has a huge impact on the state of our inner energy.

So watching horror movies that give us an adrenaline rush as we wait with bated breath for someone to be sawed into several pieces, may make us feel energized, may even make us go back for more of the same in order to get that same feeling of the high that the adrenaline surge gave us, but none of that energy is left the next day when we wake up.

What happens when you eat empty sugar products? You get a quick rush, but soon you are either craving more, or simply feel bloated. No real physical energy. So it is with much of what is available on TV and radio, in the press, cinema, and so on. Even - I am sorry to say - with many of our conversations...

But there is so much to choose from. Just like the supermarket. You can find fantastic foods there that truly nourish your body and cells, then there is all the artificial, pre-packaged stuff with empty calories, and then there is you. You get to choose.

So when you make choices about what goes into your brain, heart, and spirit, try to consider how you will nourish these. Take the radio: when you drive to work every day are you listening to endless variations of can't love without your love or I am nothing without you, that merely keep you in a state of false belief about love? Or are you listening to an irate political or sports commentator whose goal it is to excite you into arguing about whatever happens to be the subject of the day? Or inane social babble that fills you about as much as two tablespoons of sugar?

Don't get me wrong...all of the above is ok if not done in excess. A bit of sugar is ok too. It's the typical excess that most of us resort to that results in a loss of energy to our spirit. Maybe we say there's nothing else to listen to in the car, or when we get home at night we're too tired to watch something "educational".

Fair enough. But how about preparing for the daily car ride by always having a selection of tapes that actually stimulate you in totally other directions? How about listening to some interviews available on the radio (and downloadable) with people like Bruce Lipton, cell biologist who discovered that what you think changes your cells (yes! that's right...it changes your cells), or Donna Eden, who speaks a special language of energy healing (as do Caroline Myss and Judith Orloff), to name only a few. Maybe Wayne Dyer is more your cup of tea, Gary Zukav, Carlos Castaneda, or Eckhart Tolle.

Maybe you prefer to listen to an audio copy of The Secret as you drive, or any number of other types of speakers and authors. The point really is that this type of material will drive your inner energy up a number of notches, and the more you feed yourself with this genre, the more you will notice that it gets harder and harder to remain on a lower level within.

And isn't that part of the quest we are on? Inner freedom and joy?

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  1. Fantastic suggestions. I've been dipping into mental/spiritual "healthfood" for many years, but recently dove in deep - listening to the kind of CD's you're recommending. Wow! What a difference.

    The amazing thing I find is that if you are staying in the flow of good healthy content for your mind and soul - it's much easier for your body to follow suit with healthy food and exercise. Somehow there seems to be a sort of flow that you can get into that encompasses everything.

    And another thing I notice now that I'm ripping along with this current - is that time has changed for me. I've stopped thinking about whether or not there is enough time to do these important things (like listening to inspirational CD's, reading good uplifting stuff, following my passion, eating healthy, feeding my family healthy food - and even exercising). Time seems to expand and it doesn't restrain you.

    Get in the flow - and you'll know!