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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Intuition and Healing and Dreams

Medical intuitives are people who are able to tell an individual’s physical condition and emotional state just by talking to them – even if it’s just on the phone, without even seeing, touching, or examining them. Sometimes, medical intuitives are also medical doctors, such as Mona Lisa Schulz, a neuropsychiatrist and a neuroscientist, author of Awakening Intuition, although some, such as Caroline Myss, author of many books, including Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing, may not be medical doctors.

Mona Lisa Schulz goes into great detail about using illness or disease to heal emotional, professional, or relationship areas of our lives. In other words, to use the illness in order to begin to look at the reasons for which we may have it, or why it is causing us frustration at this particular moment in time. If we carefully examine the areas in which it is causing the back-up, and if we listen to our innermost intuition, we may be well on the path to discovering the gift which the illness is bearing. And of course the gift is closely related to achieving greater inner freedom.

In so doing, and if we then act upon it, we may also be well on the path to healing ourselves, in more ways than one. The author cites an example of a female competitive athlete who began suffering from panic attacks whenever she boarded a plane. This obviously caused her to avoid flying, which impeded her movement about the country in order to attend competitions. Upon examination, it was seen that her hormone levels were severely depleted, not an unusual finding in female athletes. Replacing hormones and placing her on steroids would resolve the situation, but would fly against drug laws regulating competition sports. In other words, in two different ways the athlete seemed to be getting a similar message. The medical intuitive felt that this individual’s body was asking her to stop her current life path and begin to move in another direction. This individual chose not to change her main life direction, and tried to control her panic attacks and depleted hormones with dietary regulation, so we are not able to know what might have happened if she had listened to what her body (and even the professional consequences of medication, had she chosen that route) seemed to be telling her. Nevertheless, the example seems clear.

Our intuition, our bodies, the state of our health is often the path to greater understanding, healing and growth. Since neuroscientists have discovered that we have more than one brain, the second one being in our intestine and the third one in our heart (both of these areas contain a vast number of neural cells that feed the brain with information, which the brain then processes in order to make decisions), we can say that our “gut” feelings, or our “heart” feelings told us to behave in a specific fashion. See also my May 2006 Newsletter about this subject.

Dreams also give us much important information about healing. Pay particular attention to those dreams that keep going back to a specific part of your body. Try to understand what these dreams might be telling you. You might even want to have that part of you checked out, in order to ensure that everything is in tiptop order. More importantly, don't ignore your dreams as something of no real use to you. The Talmud tells us that dreams that are not understood are like letters that were never opened – and these are letters that your psyche, your soul, your spirit is sending you.

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