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Monday, April 23, 2007

Feng Shui Order, Replanted Ficus Trees, & Bees

Ficus Benjamina Photo Credit
I’m a great believer in the symbolism of things. As above, so below. In other words, when something happens in your outer life, it is often a symbolic manifestation of something going on in your inner life.

A few months ago, just before Christmas, I ruthlessly decided to get rid of much surplus clutter…mainly papers and books, something I dote on, and hence is horrendously difficult for me to actually do. Therefore, after I tackled the job so ruthlessly, and used my fireplace to burn most of the papers (the books were donated), creating many a flaming blaze over the winter months due to the quantity implicit in the task, I realized I felt freed from a burden.

Feng Shui tells us about this, when we create order where before there was clutter or disorder, or where there are unnecessary elements in our homes, and indicates that it has a great lightening effect. And after it actually happened, I realized that I felt as if I had more space inside of myself to dwell on other matters, as though I were now able to be more creative, due to a greater capacity for creative thought.

And then, about 8 weeks ago, I realized I needed to replant some large ficus plants that were in pots that were simply too small to sustain their healthy growth and development…are you beginning to see where this is going? When you work in your garden, and perhaps prune, or get your hands right into the soil and begin to pull out some plants or weeds by their roots, clearly, on a symbolic level, this may signify that you are going through a cathartic period in your life, even a chtonic one, one where you may be delving into the deepest layers of your subconscious in order to come up with a new kind of order on an internal level, a re-structuring, or re-organization of sorts.

In this case I was not deeply into the soil, only re-potting in order to give these trees more space to grow. But once again, I saw it as giving myself more space to grow and expand, symbolically speaking, and felt that the coming weeks and months would be of some importance to me on a personal level. Imagine my surprise – and disappointment – when I saw that about half of the ficus plants lost not only some – but all of their leaves after the re-potting. The plants were looking worse than ever, and certainly no new growth was taking place – at least not visibly.

I told myself that the plants had to get used to the richer environment in which they now were, as had I since I had burned the excess papers and donated the books. I told myself that although nothing was visible on the surface, on other levels, new growth was taking place that would soon become obvious to the naked eye. I could feel my inner growth; I knew it was taking place on several different levels, and so I desperately wanted to see it symbolically in these plants that I had so lovingly repotted. And so it is. As I opened the curtains this morning and looked out, I saw that all the ficus plants that had lost all of their leaves now have new buds, new baby leaves peeping out from the bark of their branches. And those that did not lose all their leaves are also budding away amidst the lush growth that was already there from before.

And then yesterday I discovered bees in my laundry room which is partially open to the outside. I can’t figure out where they have come from, but more have been appearing all the time. This time I was more stumped. What was this symbolizing? I chose to see The Illusionist with Edward Norton this evening. Although the movie is not about the eternal validity of the soul, as Seth would have put it, it did make me think of the subject, and so when I had a chance, I looked in one of my books on symbolism and checked the meaning of bees. Wouldn’t you know it…in some traditions, particularly in Egyptian, ancient Greek, and Hindu myth, bees symbolize the soul…life and rebirth, and love. And so, once again, growth has taken place, and inner freedom has expanded.

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