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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bio-Identical Hormones

Can't resist it. Have to get up on my soap box today.

Have you seen the news over the past few days? All the major international network news stations and much of the press in many of the languages you can come up with - and then some - have been telling us that there is a possible decline in breast cancer since 2003, the year that many women stopped using HRT due to the scare after clinical trials showed that HRT users reported a significantly higher incidence of breast cancer than did non-users.

So far so good.

Just to make sure we're on the same page, let me reiterate: after the clinical trials many women ceased using HRT, whether because they themselves took the decision, or their doctors persuaded them to, and hence the decline. Or so it appears. What is not said in most of the reports that were made public over the past week is the fact that many other factors have not been examined in order to see whether they have a bearing on the decrease in the incidence of breast cancer.

An eye-opening article available at Longevity Matters, dated April 19th, 2007, furthermore indicates the fact "that a great paradigm shift has begun. More people are realizing the healthy benefits of having their hormone levels measured and then replenished to levels of wellness, not replaced with a foreign hormone. They are seeking balance in their hormones...". They are seeking this balance with bio-identical hormones, which are hormones that replicate, according to many medical doctors, on a molecular level, precisely that which we had in our bodies when we were younger, but have nothing to do with the synthetic hormones (HRT) that women were routinely prescribed prior to the 2003 clinical study results referred to above.

Clearly, no one has all the answers at this point, but studies being carried out by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (click on the link to download Suzanne Somers' speech at the November 2006 Conference she had been invited to due to the two major works she has written in order to spread information about bio-identical hormones for men and women), may soon provide us with more definitive proof.

The two books are:
I believe that it is up to each and every individual to keep up with current research in order to be able to make informed choices about his or her health and well-being. Many wonderful doctors are available to help us, but many others simply are not reading the latest information, and so we must rely on providing ourselves with enough knowledge or data in order to be able to ask some important questions that will affect the ultimate outcomes of our health.

What does this have to do with freedom?


If we are not in an optimum state of health, a portion of our freedom is gone. Be informed. Ask questions. Make choices. Be healthy and vibrant!

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