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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

And the Body Counts Too!

In the last few posts I've been concentrating on inner freedom, growth, self-understanding and self-discovery. But what is all that, if we're not ensuring that this body that houses us, is also functioning as immaculately as we are striving for all those other elements of our integral self to be?

I remember many years ago I read one of Stuart Wilde's wonderful little books, one of which is still, after over a quarter of a century, on my bedside table (if you want to know which one, feel free to comment here on the blog and I'll reply). At any rate, in the one I read (not the night table one...), he mentions waking up, having some nice green lettuce (or something like that) for breakfast, and then going out for a jog...

In the naivete of my youth, I remember being hugely amused - and repelled - by such a bizarre notion, and I certainly had no intention of emulating the author. Now, in the wisdom of my years, while I still don't tend to have lettuce for breakfast, I certainly have a number of habits, nutritional and otherwise, that others might find bizarre - or at least amusing.

But what has happened? I have learned to respect and care for this very special house of mine. I want it to be functional and useful for a good many years to come. I want it to provide me with optimal functioning at all times, to allow me to live not only with the energy I have to do all the things I constantly am inventing to do, but also with the vitality I feel inside of me, and the speed with which my brain functions when faced with out-of-the-box thinking, or cutting edge research that causes all my previous paradigms to tumble off of their shelves.

I want the excitement I am capable of feeling every day to endure all the days of my life. I want to be able to fill my lungs with fresh air right down to the very bottom without coughing or feeling pressure in my chest. I want to be able to stretch and twist and turn and walk and exercise without pain or breathlessness. In a word, I want to be as healthy as I possibly can until the last possible moment. And then I'll be quite thrilled to go on to the next adventure...

So guess who has the responsiblity for that? And guess who has to make choices about that responsibility every day, all day long? About what I eat, what I drink, how often I exercise, and so on. Obviously what works for me may not work for you and vice versa, and there are many roads that lead to Rome, but clearly, you don't have to be a rocket scientist in order to recognize that you need to make this a priority in your life - if you are interested in living in an optimally functioning house.


  1. Very enlightened writer....

  2. I like your description of the body as "this very special house". It's another refreshing way to get away from the image of our body as a "machine", which I think has lead us into a lot of problems.

    For anyone out there who is having problems discliplinging themselves to take proper care of their body - I think it helps to seek out a "paradigm shift", a completely different way of seeing your body.
    I found that once I had enough information to shift away from that old machine paridigm (i.e. fill up the tank, "fix" problems with medication and bandaids etc.) the self disclipine needed to improve my lifestyle and diet just sort of flowed effortlessly. And that's been going on for about 10 years now. (It was slower going at first, but now as soon as I learn about a healthier habit or way of life, it's much easier to incorporate than ever before).